In Cabanagem, the first book of the Trails, Tracks and Traces series, André Penteado wanders through cities of the state of Pará searching for evidences left by historical facts in the present time. How do Brazilians respond to situations of discontentment? How did the many uprisings throughout history affect the population? It was questions like these that led André Penteado to initiate the Trails, Tracks and Traces series. In
Cabanagem, the first book in the collection, the photographer traveled part of the state of Pará, including the cities of Belém, Acará, Vila de São Francisco Xavier, Ilha de Tatuoca, Cametá and Vigia, searching in the present time for actual and metaphorical evidences of the Cabanagem Uprising, which the book is named after and took place in this area between 1835 and 1840 with a 30 thousand death toll.

After toing and froing to the area, where he spent two months taking pictures (adding up to 10 thousand images), the photographer now publishes the two-book set Cabanagem. The first one, of bigger size and with a green cover, has pictures of places related to the Cabanagem Uprising he visited. The other, small-sized and red-covered, has portraits of the people he found in those places and also a newspaper featuring an article by the historian Magda Ricci explaining the historical context of the Cabano movement. The set comes wrapped in an envelope published in two versions – half of the 1.500-copy print run is green and the other half is red.

Photographies by André Penteado
Madalena and Terceiro Nome Publishing House
Edit: André Penteado e Iatã Cannabrava
Height: 30,5 cm (green book) / 25 cm (red book)
Width: 25 cm (green book) / 21 cm (red book)
Number of pictures: 90 (green book) / 26 (red book)
Number of pages: 152 (green book) / 56 (red book)
Design: Atlas
ISBN 978-85-65709-12-5