Cabanagem is the first chapter in a long-term project called Trails, Traces and Remains, which André Penteado aims discuss events of the Brazilin history and their long-term impact on the national psyche. His strategy for this project is to photograph places where these events happened, places that have a contemporary connection to these events – like libraries and museums – and the people he meets during the project.

Trails, Traces and Remains is not a documentary project but intend to discuss the process through which the past presents itself in the present, what is a document and how historical narratives are created and perpetuated.

The Cabanagem revolution took place in the Brazilian Amazon region between 1835 and 1840, and killed more than 30.000 people. In spite of its scale and short-lived success – the revolutionaries were able to kill the governor and seize power of the province of Grão-Pará for around a year – the movement is almost unknown in the country today.

To create Cabanagem, André Penteado spent two and a half months travelling the region where he took around 10.000 photographs. After a long period of editing, the project was released as a two-book set, by Editora Madalena in October 2015. One book contains 91 photographs of places and the other 26 portraits. The two books are accompanied by a text written by historian Magda Ricci, who is specialized in the cabano movement.