The work Congressmen deals with the issues of corruption, political action and visual representation of information.

Its images, that intend to work as “portraits” of a group of politicians suspected of corruption, were created from three sets of information available in the internet, in January 2012: the list of court cases against 329 congressmen found in the website Transparency Brazil – all related to corruption -, the portraits of these congressmen found in the Brazilian Congress website and the number of votes each one of them received in the 2010 election.

Each “portrait” represents one congressman and is the result of the combination of these three pieces of information: the list of court cases is redacted using the colour of their lips selected from their real portraits. The number of votes is placed on the image to work as the key that allows the viewer to search on-line for the name of the politician.

The geometrical shapes that resulted from the process of creating the work reminds us of military artefacts what may make the viewer think about the violence towards the country which corruption represents.

Their simplicity and also mild colours make them pleasing to look at, which also raises the issue that, in Brazil, corruption is sometimes acknowledged and accepted as the norm.

The work also aims to make the point that political change requires effort and the desire to participate.

The “portraits” presented here are from the 18 congressmen with the largest number of court cases against them.