It’s All Related was an installation created integrating – without any hierarchy – three archives containing both photography and videos, owned by the artist André Penteado: his family archives (1870s-present), his diaries (1989-present) and his art works (2007-present).

The creation of this space aimed to allow the artist to reflect on three main issues: how his family relationship with the image had influenced his work, what had been the main subjects presented in the images he had created since 1989 and, above all, what was the power of the photographic image as a trigger for memories and sensations.

The artist spent months looking at more than 100.000 photographs and videos and the final installation – which happened in and empty office floor in São Paulo and took more than a month to set up – contained around 5.000 photographs among prints on the walls, family albums, artist books and piles of prints.

The exhibition was open for two weeks, time in which the artist was always present to discuss the work with the visitors who were allowed to touch and manipulate albums, books and prints.
The project It’s All Related was one of the 106 selected from the more than 15.000 submissions made to Rumos 2013/14. Run by Itaú Cultural, Rumos is one of the most important art programs in Brazil.